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Our First Scientific Art Competition

qanvas 2.png

What is Qanvas?

Qanvas (Queen’s/Qapsule + Canvas) is Qapsule’s scientific art competition, conceived to unite pre-medical curriculums with creative representation. 

What is the point of Qanvas?

The comprehensibility of scientific writing is often impacted by an inability to visualize the concept discussed at hand, especially for readers who have a high-level comprehension of the health sciences and related fields such as bioentrepeneurship and bioengineering. As such, Qanvas poses a solution to literature inaccessibility by inviting the greater Queen’s community to provide visualizations, representations, or metaphorical views of various health sciences topics. 

Structure of the Qanvas competition?

Qanvas will be structured as a term-long competition. At the beginning of each term, a prompt will be announced on Qanvas’ social media. Prompts will combine an aspect of pop culture and media with a relevant medical science. 

We plan to run Qanvas during all three terms of the school year. This will be an event that repeats yearly. 

Submission process?

  1. Create a visual artwork according to the theme. 

  2. Create a description of your artwork that explains (1) how the art relates to the scientific element of the prompt, and (2) any underlying messages. 

Rules for non-disqualification?

The medium must be visual, and representable in 2-D (ex.: digital art, photograph of traditional art, Photoshop, photography, export of a 3-D model, etc.).  

The artwork must not include any identifiers. Only include your name when sending your art to the e-mail address. 


Selection process?

The Graphic Design Team at Qapsule will hold a meeting to judge the art. A numerical grading system and a qualitative review of the art will be used. The winner will be selected for publication in the Journal, with named credit. Other submissions will be featured on Qapsule’s social media, also with named credit

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