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How to Submit

Step 1.
Access the Link to
Qapsule's OJS Webpage

Note: Qapsule’s front-end is occasionally updated. However, the following steps will always be applicable.

Step 2.
Create Account

Create an OJS account if necessary by clicking “Register.”


Otherwise, enter log-in information and then click “Login.” 

Step 3.
Click on "Submissions"

Step 3.png

Step 4.
Click on "Make a new submission"

If you do not yet have an account, you will be prompted to create one.


Note: Please use an email address that you regularly check when making an account on OJS. All editorial decisions will be communicated to that email.

Step 5.
Check if all submission requirements are met

Step 5.png

Acknowledge that your submission meets each of the criteria on the submission checklist by checking off each one. 

Step 6.
Enter relevant information

Step 6.png

Write down all relevant information for the editor. Relevant information includes the course to which the submission belongs and the date of original submission to a course. 

Click "Save and continue".

Step 7.
Upload relevant file

Step 8.png

Upload your file.

Click "Save and continue".

Step 8.
Fill Out Information

Step 10.png

Fill out required information such as “Title” and “Abstract.”

If the “Abstract” section is not applicable, write “N/A.”

Add in any contributors and their contact information.

Add in relevant keywords.

Click "Save and continue".

Step 11.png
Step 12.png
Step 11.png

Step 9.
Upload relevant file

Step 14.png

Read through the entire text to make sure all the information are inputted correctly.

Step 15.png
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